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[ALTのエッセイ] Stay well (今回は易しい英語です。ぜひ読んでみましょう。)

投稿日時: 03/17 m1

Hello everyone! How are you? We hope you are well!


The coronavirus(コロナウイルス) has stopped many activities in Japan, but it is still a busy time of the year for Japanese students! I went to the Meirin graduation this month. The high school graduation(卒業) ceremony in Japan and America are a little different, but both have an inspiring(感動的な) mood.


After graduation, students are staying at home, because the virus can be dangerous.
Luckily, there are many fun activities you can do from your house.
I love to travel, but lately I have been staying home, making a delicious cup of milk tea, and reading a book.

Sometimes, I play video games instead of reading. One of my favorite games will be released this month and I am very excited. Can you guess what it is? (Hint: Animals are the main characters and everyone lives on an island.)


Please take care!
Wash your hands as often as you can! Stay rested! Keep a positive mood! Eat healthy foods!
Jacob and I look forward to seeing all of you soon.
We hope that your break is full of good health and fun!