Bright Path(ALTのエッセイ)

Traditional Architecture in Fukui

投稿日時: 03/17 m1

     As much as I enjoy the business and bustle of sprawling Japanese cities, like Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, I think there’s also a part of me that really cherishes getting to live in the calm of the country. Every morning, when I open my curtains, I hear the babbling noise of the small river below, and often the view of the snowy summit of Mt. Hakusan.

     As such, I quite enjoy exploring the more isolated corners of neighboring prefectures, like Fukui. The architecture of sites like 大本山永平寺 and 丸岡城. While traveling, at the start of the month, I also managed to make it out to 雄島, hoping to catch the sunset. While I made it in time, unfortunately, it was slightly too cloudy, however, I managed to take some atmospheric photos of the gorgeous rock formations and features of the Island, as the gentle lapping of the waves ushered in the night.