School Trip

In June, all second graders go on a school trip to Hokkaido. The students and teachers fly out and spend three days sightseeing and doing activities such as rafting, horseback riding, and ice-cream making. This is a wonderful experience that tightens the bonds between classmates, and teachers.
School Festival (Ohkoh-sai)

School Festival is one of the most important events at Sakuragaoka High School held at the end of August. Each grade has its own respective role during the festival in order to create a successful event. 3rd graders are in charge of school food booths, and 2nd graders put on attractions like games or performing a play. Also, a chorus contest is held for 1st graders.  A lot of parents, friends, and local people visit our school and enjoy the food the students make and the performance they give during the 2-day festival.
3S Walk

One of the most unique events at our school is 3S Walk in October. All Sakuragaoka students will walk 43.5 km all the way from Chirihama beach to our school. The name “3S” comes from the three goals of the walk ― Spirit, Sympathy, and Self-control. These are required for students to complete the long-distance walk.