School History / Our Heritage


March 2015

Rebuilding of the school building was completed

December 2013

Began to rebuild one of our oldest school buildings

April 2012

Designated as a New Super High School

October 2010

90th anniversary party was held

“Recent 10-Year-History of Kanazawa Sakuragaoka High School” was published

April 2003

Designated as a Super High School / Active Brain of Ishikawa Prefecture

March 2001

LAN system was established

October 2000

80th anniversary party was held

“Recent 30-Year-History of Kanazawa Sakuragaoka High School” was published

September 1998

Handicap Accessibility was established

September 1994

Large-scale refurbishment of a block of management rooms

March 1993

Gymnasium 2 was completed

June 1991

Ohyu-Hall was completed

October 1989

Commencement of 3S Walk

March 1989

San’oh Hall was designated as public property in Kanazawa

May 1985

Athletic field was completed

October 1965

50th anniversary party was held

“50-Year-History of Kanazawa Third Junior High and Sakuragaoka High School” was published

March 1964

Gymnasium 1 was completed

January 1963

San’oh Hall was completed

December 1954

Alumni Association was formed

March 1953

School District was extended ( Ishikawa-gun, Kanazawa city, and Kahoku-gun )

April 1952

Sakura High Culture Bulletin was published for the first time

September 1951

School trips began

April 1949

Changed our school name to Kanazawa Sakuragaoka High School

( October 7th is the foundation day )

April 1948

Merged with Kanazawa Second High School

November 1923

Moved to Ohhi-machi Kanazawa ( current location )

March 1921

Kanazawa Third Junior High School was founded in Kosaka-mura Kahokugun